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The Dad Dilemma – The Stigma of Social Media as A Father

Fearless Fathers Podcast November 16, 2020


After our week away (Which we’ll discuss a bit today), we are back and running today on the podcast. We’re talking about the stigma of social media and device use as a father. 

Recently, Dave and Ryan watched “The Social Dilemma” documentary on Netflix. The doc interviews former top social media execs and how the business model of social media turned humans into digital zombies. It goes in-depth on ad campaigns, fake news, mental health, and psychology that keeps us mindlessly scrolling and looking for attention. That’s where this idea for today’s episode stemmed from. Highly recommend watching it.

It’s up to us as fathers to understand and know within ourselves. Our kids are always watching us, learning what we do to form their own habits. We know our screens take us away, and social media keeps us sucked in, but feel like we just can’t fully break away. Keep listening today, and take these takeaways.

1. Having just will power to break away may not be enough. Realize yourself and take small micro-steps.

2. Internet Junk Food is delicious and we want more, but it’s not the best thing for you. 

3. Learn to not see yourself as the smartest person in the room. Be willing to hear someone else’s beliefs.

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    The Dad Dilemma – The Stigma of Social Media as A Father
    Fearless Fathers Podcast

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