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Success is what you make it- Monday Motivation

Fearless Fathers Podcast September 21, 2020


Let’s start this week off right. Let’s build that passion, and get away from the “Oh man, its Monday” to “Let’s crush this Monday!”

We’re talking success today. What does success mean to you? Is it a fancy house? Having elite status? Having more money than you know what to do with? If it is, then this episode might not be for you.

We’re hitting on three success comments from a question Dave posed to others out there asking what success means to them. There are some great things in here to get you back on track if you’re feeling like your not as successful as you should be as a new dad. 


1. Go out make small goals, then make more goals after you met those.

2. Don’t be afraid to leap to find new success as a parent

3. Don’t forget to look in the now, not just the past or future. 

This episode is to get you refocused, looking in a new light, and know that whatever it is your doing, make sure it lines up with what you want!

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    Success is what you make it- Monday Motivation
    Fearless Fathers Podcast

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