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Month: June 2020

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Family Vacation: When is it the right time?

Fearless Fathers Podcast June 29, 2020

Today Dave-O and Ryan talk about family vacations, and when is it the right time to take one? We talk mainly Disney vacations, and how old is the right time to start “making memories”.  Three takeaways you don’t want to miss: 1. You only have “10 solid years of vacations […]


Enjoying the Ride with Brendan Hickey

Fearless Fathers Podcast June 25, 2020

Dave-O had the pleasure of talking with a brother from “Oh Canada”, Mr. Brendan Hickey. Brendan is a father of two and hosts the “Not Your Normal Hickey Podcast” with his oldest son, Mayson.  Brendan gives the dads out there some great takeaways in today’s interview: 1) Throw the parenting […]


Introducing your Kids to Pets

Fearless Fathers Podcast June 22, 2020

The Fearless Fathers are going a bit off the cuff today from what they normally do. This is something that isn’t widely talked about but happens quite often. This quick episode is to get you thinking about when you introduce your kids to animals.  Parents with pets in the home, […]


Fearless Father: Ethan Shean

Fearless Fathers Podcast June 18, 2020

Today, Dave-O sits down and talks to Ethan Shean, Chief Retail Officer of Strawberry Cannabis, based out of Colorado. A good friend of his, who moved halfway around the country to follow his passions and live his best life with his family. What he didn’t see, was how his family didn’t […]


Childcare Costs and You

Fearless Fathers Podcast June 15, 2020

Your child is home safe, and your basking in the excitement. You don’t want this moment to ever go away. The reality now has to set in. The time has now come for both of you to go back to work. You have to decide what’s going to be the […]


James Wallen – Fearless Father Interview

Fearless Fathers Podcast June 11, 2020

Join us today, as we sit down with a Fearless Father, James Wallen.  James is a Disabled Navy Veteran, Network Engineer, works part time in a pizza shop, Father of three, and hosts “The Yesteryear Podcast”, a classic movie review podcast with his oldest daughter, Beth. Dave and James sit […]


Cursing: What the F&$K?!

Fearless Fathers Podcast June 8, 2020

Cursing AROUND your child? Good or bad? Always a tough decision. For most of us, it slips. We realize we say it, and damn if we don’t try our hardest NOT to curse around our kids. Join us in this VERY NSFW episode as we talk about the difference between […]


Part 2: Generalized Depression

Fearless Fathers Podcast June 4, 2020

Welcome to Part 2 of our Generalized series. Today, we’re talking Depression. Depression seems to run side by side with anxiety, which is why this is HUGE to talk about. Don’t wait until it’s too late to talk about your depression. Just because you feel like you shouldn’t be depressed, […]


Generalized Series Part 1: Anxiety

Fearless Fathers Podcast June 1, 2020

Welcome to Part 1 of our “Generalized Series” Today, were talking Anxiety. We’ve touched on this before, and going to hit a few more points. Get you thinking about shifting what makes you anxious and overcoming it. All of us deal with Anxiety in one way or another. But how […]